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Media Review – Ipswich First Facebook Post

RETIRE, REWIRE, REFIRE AND HAVE A GOOD LAUGH If you say ‘break a leg’ to theatre folk in the 70s there is a better than average chance that might literally happen, as was the case with Viagara Falls – Sweeten Up! Ipswich writer Janet Findlay said that is exactly what happened to one of their […]

Media Review – Stage Whispers – Viagara Falls – Sweeten Up!

Stage Whispers – Australia’s Theatre Magazine By Janet Findlay and Alan Youngson. Directed by Alan Youngson. Presented by Studio 188 and Red Ticket Comedy Theatre. Studio 188, 23 February 2019 – 2 March, 2019 It was a jam-packed and enthusiastic crowd that attended the world premiere of Viagara Falls – Sweeten Up. There were plenty of laugh-out-loud […]

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