MEDIA RELEASE – Queensland, Australian & World Premiere of Ipswich Play

Kaftans and Viagara!

Love Heart - Viagara Falls - Sweeten Up!

Viagara Falls – Sweeten Up! – a brand new, locally-written comedy set in Ipswich, will have its Queensland and World Premiere at Studio 188, Ipswich on 23rd February 2019 at 7:30pm.

The co-presenters (Red Ticket Comedy Theatre and Studio 188 of Ipswich Civic Centre) and the co- authors (Janet Findlay of The Babbling Trillbillys & Queen impersonation fame) and veteran Kenmore based actor, director and theatre manager Alan Youngson) have cast 8 sprightly senior aged actors for the 4 female and 4 male character roles.

The co-authors commented, “This colourful cast of characters collaborate and connive in this hilarious tale of mishap and mayhem of misplaced Viagara pills – set in the mythical Serenity Gardens Retirement Village, Cemetery Road, Ipswich! “

So… take a new-age gran (Jessie Morwood) and a nerdy man (Laurie Webb), add a mad Scot (Alan Youngson), a gay cop (Eileen Day) and an exotic doc (Richard Edwards), throw in a beaming ex-reverend (Ian Ogle), his witty wife (Janet Findlay) and a blue-stockinged busy-body (Joan Lockwood) and you have all the ingredients for a fun-filled live theatre farce.

Who knew that a sixty-something’s wedding could give rise to such chaos, calamity and kinky chemistry? Not to mention the kaftans! Shssh…Don’t Mention the Kaftans! Why not? You’ll just have to come along and find out for yourself ! ”

Opening Night 23rd February has just SOLD OUT. 1:30pm Matinees on Friday 1st March and Saturday 2nd March still have tickets available.

Don’t miss out, Book now on A fun gift to give parents and grandparents.

For further information or media interviews please contact either:
Alan Youngson 0499089998 or
OR Janet Findlay 0499886066 or

View the Media Release at The Local Bulletin (Page 40)

MEDIA RELEASE – Queensland, Australian & World Premiere of Ipswich Play

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