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“Viagara Falls – Sweeten up” is an uplifting witty comedy set in Ipswich – whose world premiere performances were produced and directed by RED Ticket Comedy Theatre’s, Alan Youngson.

This farce co-written by Janet Findlay and Alan Youngson is highly entertaining – with a cast the average age of 72 years young.

Well-acted with perfect comedy timing – particularly by Janet Findlay who plays -“Kitty Bell ” together with great graphics depicting “Serenity Gardens” retirement village, Cemetery Road, Ipswich which sets the scene and moves the story along.

A very workable set, great blocking & sound cues (loved the sexy bagpipes). When certain pills get mixed up with artificial sweeteners, male residents start to feel very aroused and all hell breaks loose after taking their morning cups of tea.

Except for bridegroom-to-be poor Eric whose doubting his own ability to be uplifted for his upcoming wedding night. Add a nosey resident Jane who calls the special branch of local police to report strange behaviour in the village when she sees kinky men in Kaftans!!

Clever direction and pacing by Alan Youngson who also hilariously plays the madcap role of Jock McPherson.

Staged at Studio 188, Brisbane St Ipswich the four shows have been a sell out and the season was extended to Sunday March 3rd 2019.

Elizabeth Byrne – Gold Coast Bulletin
appearing in the Thursday 21st March 2019 edition

Media Review – Gold Coast Bulletin

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