Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

And we’ve got some interesting facts to show you that it’s true. We’ve also got some tips on how to bring more laughter into your life.

Laughter is good for your body

There are so many ways in which laughter is good for you. We’ve chosen just a few:

• Laughter relaxes your whole body, relieves physical tension and stress, and keeps your muscles relaxed for up to 45 minutes.

• Laughter releases endorphins, which is our body’s natural feel-good chemical.

• Laughter improves blood flow and the function of blood vessels.

• Laughter boosts the immune system by decreasing stress hormones, and increasing immune cells and antibodies. Laughter is good for your mind Aside from the physical benefits of a hearty laugh, it can also help your mental health:

• Laughter reduces stress, increases energy, allowing you to relax, recharge, and stay focused.

• Humour can help you see things in a different light. If you feel overwhelmed, looking at the situation in a humorous perspective can give you psychological distance.

• Laughter can sweep away distressing emotions like anxiousness, sadness, and anger. Laughter is good for your social life Seeing or hearing someone else laugh makes them more attractive to us, and readies us to join in the fun ourselves.

• Laughing together with others helps form a close, positive bond. Having this laughter bond helps shield your relationship against disagreements and stress.

• Social humour allows us to be more spontaneous and express ourselves more honestly. How to laugh more It’s not always easy to find the funny in life. Like a lot of things, being able to laugh often can take practice.

Here are a few tips on how to bring more laughter into your life:

• Smile more – laughter is a smile that exploded, so when you see something that makes you happy, or even just pleases you, practice smiling about it.

• If you hear laughter, go towards it. More often than not, people love sharing a good joke, so if you hear a group of people having a good laugh together, try and join in.

• Take yourself less seriously. Try to find the funny in everyday occurrences, even the ones that annoy or frustrate you. Laugh at yourself and keep things in perspective.

• Keep things around you that are reminders to stay happy – amusing toys, funny pictures or calendars, etc.

• Do as children do – kids are the ones to go to if you want to learn how to laugh and play more.

• Get a pet – not only are pets always there for a cuddle when you need one, they are a great source of joy and laughter.

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Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

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