Viagara Falls – Sweeten Up!

The World Premiere Viagara Falls – Sweeten Up! sold out 5 performances

This comedy-farce, set in the Serenity Retirement Village, Cemetery Road, Ipswich – opened on 23 February 2019 at Studio 188, Ipswich, Queensland.

It had FIVE SELL OUT SHOWS and a rave review in Stage Whispers (Australia and New Zealand’s monthly theatre magazine – May/June 2019 edition) and the Gold Coast Bulletin (weekly magazine – 21 March 2019).


When triple divorcee Fran, borrows a small container of artificial sweeteners from her nervous husband-to-be Eric, she has no idea of the havoc that will wreak on the peaceful retirement village where they both live.
In the week preceding their wedding, Serenity Gardens Retirement Village in Cemetery Road, not only appears to have lost its quiet, civilised charm – it looks like it’s descending fast into mayhem and anarchy!

Resident snoop, the uptight Jane Parker is particularly alarmed when men in kaftans are spotted furtively visiting the unit of her neighbours, the ex-Reverend Ian Bell and his sociable wife Kitty.

Is the broad-minded vicar-turned-marriage celebrant grooming a cell of elderly terrorists? Jane wonders. And should the most disruptive of them – the loud-mouthed, vulgar, bag-pipe playing Scotsman, Jock – be reported to the media as a sexual predator?

Only one person in Serenity Gardens knows the real reason behind all this chaos. Shy bridegroom Eric has lost the Viagra pills he obtained from his charismatic Indian GP, Dr Sahdu…. the Viagra pills that he subsequently hid in the container, Sweeten Up to deceive the unsuspecting Fran…

So…. will the men in the Village ever ‘subside’ enough to attend and officiate at the fast approaching Wedding Ceremony? Will the local Terrorist Squad actually invade and ruin Fran and Eric’s Big Day?Will the women in the Village ever return to the predictable routine of marital relations on Christmas and birthdays only?

Is Eric really ‘virgin’ on 70’ as people say and, most importantly, will he get his Viagra back in time for their Wedding night and honeymoon at a famous international location….??

Viagara Falls – Sweeten Up is a lively, original comedy-farce which derives its humour and charm from warm, relatable characters and a simple mistake that escalates wildly out of control, affecting an entire community.  It also demonstrates the absurd consequences of unnecessary fear and prejudice. This latest co-authored collaboration between Alan Youngson and Janet Findlay during 2017-2018 is Viagara Falls – Sweeten Up, had its world premiere on 23rd February 2019 at Studio 188, Brisbane Road, Ipswich, Queensland.

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